CARDevotional Collage from September 2003 attendees.

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Welcome to the Homepage of Ottawa's Wildly Successful CARDevotionals

What are people saying about them?
     "Fun and original."
     "Another wickedly fun CARDevotional."
     "I was very impressed with the turn out and the devotional part of the evening."
     "The All My Friends game was a hit!!!"
     "I met quite a few new faces."
     "I could go on and on with the praise... but I do not want to go overboard on the compliments."

What are CARDevotionals?

     Held monthly in Ottawa by our family since February 2003, these events have mixed games with prayers; fun with a dose of spirituality. Faced with mounting chaos and confusion in the world and as Baha'is, it seemed natural to offer a short, multi-faith devotional program that emphasizes good deeds and service and includes hours of socializing and games which help create friendships among youth of diverse backgrounds. A break from the pressures of a demanding society, the CARD Devotional has quickly become the place to relax and chill each month on Saturday night!

Next CARDevotional:
Date: March 27, 2004
Note: There will be a TALENT SHOW from 7-10pm at the Blackburn Hamlet Community Centre that precedes the CARDevotional and is part of the overall night. It is a fundraiser for the Olinga Foundation in Ghana and costs $5 for food.
Time: 10:00pm - 3:00am
Theme: Talents/Excellence
Bring: Light snacks if you wish
Location: 2047 Rolling Brook Dr., Orleans
Directions: Here
Previous pictures: Sept, Nov, New Year's, NY's part 2 , Feb (some)

Can I come?

     Anyone over 15 years old is welcome and encouraged to attend. We promote attendance that is as diverse as the earth itself, so please come and feel welcome! Don't forget to ask your friends as well if they are interested, since why should you be having a great time while they're stuck at home?

What games are played at these events?
     Introductory games, including the Fruit Game, Mafia, All My Friends, and Three Truths, are spread over the evening of excitement. After the prayerful portion in which the body and spirit are soothed, Xbox Halo and the card game Roaké are the order for late night. It really is a blast, and you don't need to prepare anything to attend.

Tell me again why I should go.
      Everyone who comes out inevitably enjoys themselves and promises to return. If you haven't experienced it, you are likely missing out on the most incredible experience Ottawa has to offer.


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