Vafa and I, deep in discussions about the end of the 19-Day Baha'i Fast, decided that a great way to end the last day, before the city wide Naw-Ruz ("New Year") celebration was to have an all-you-can-eat event at Vaf's uncle's restaurant. The Persian Cuisine Express Restaurant was kind enough to open on their only day off to serve 65 hungry people unlimited kebab and other Persian delicacies. We will be forever indebted to this service and hope to hold the event again next year! (only bigger of course)

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Nagin and Nika

What's up my Negar? :)

Be sure to check out the Jones' family's innovative and upcoming Book Club Devotional night!

Dan: the usual.


I have yet to find a cooler family.
(no offense to the multitudes of families who are themselves exceptionally cool)

Payam was trying to make a peace sign.



Farzad - A warrior whom I serve with on the Teaching Committee.

Dave is indubitably 'the man'


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