Farshid : Just got home. Started to watch hockey. 18 secs and Buffalo wins. Go Sens Go
Pinki : Sore Winner Indeed!
nejad : I looking for my best friend, Sonya Sahba. i Knew her from Iran. Please if you know her, contact me. thank you.
Pinki : Farshid, u r E! (Warning: my comments are random, do not take it seriously)
Farshid : by the way, e has greatly passed the cool time line.
Martin : Hayder, Leroy's older bro
tassnim : what/who's H-bomb?
dj : spread the love....
amir : haha, habs are e, sens rock!!
Vafa : The Ottawa Senators bandwagon welcomes all. We have plenty of room, take a seat... except Leaf fans!
Farshid : bye bye Habs :o( Go Sens Go ??
Vafa : H-Bomb's the man!